The Health and Safety Headlines

The Health & Safety Headlines


A round-up of Health and Safety news over the last month…


Dozens of firms have switched to shorter working hours – and finding it’s beneficial for workers, customers and profits

The Guardian says there’s growing evidence that a four-day working week can increase productivity for business owners and, and staff satisfaction and happiness.   

How important is health and safety training for small businesses?

If you are running a small business it's important not to ignore health and safety, as the consequences of getting it wrong can be costly and long-lasting. There are safety risks in every industry and business owners and management need to spend sufficient time to implement safety precautions. 

Workplace stress is detrimental to employee wellbeing and can lead to illness or depression, resulting in long-term absence.
Taking care of your employees and managing elements which can cause stress will be beneficial to the entire workplace


MPs are calling for data reporting and inquiries to combat work at height risk 

Preventing serious injury and saving lives while working at height needs more in-depth RIDDOR reporting along with data on falls overseen by a new independent body, says a report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG).

Trends in wearables
What are ‘wearables’ when applied to the workplace?

Experts discuss advancements in wearables and how these technologies are helping keep workers safe by providing an extra layer of protection.


Working women report more stress than men, says a global survey

A global survey of around 14,500 employees in 23 countries has found consistently higher levels of stress reported by working women than male workers, according to the Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey.

Footage of unsafe Top Gear excavation is pulled by the BBC after uproar on social media 

Risk assessment and safety management procedures at the BBC were called into question after Top Gear broadcast a segment on 10 March that showed a presenter climbing into two unshored excavations around 2m deep.

The BBC Studios-produced show featured a hole digging race between regular Matt Le Blanc and guest Matt Baker, a presenter of The One Show.

These businesses paid the price for health and safety breaches with hefty fines…

DIY giant B&Q hit by £300k fine after shopper struck by falling pole

DIY giant B&Q was fined £300,000 after a metal pole that was supporting a promotional banner fell 3.6 m from product racking and struck a customer, causing a serious head injury


No matter the size of the business, large or small, the cost of injuries and loss of life can’t be measured. Do you think that you have health and safety gaps among your workforce? First you need to identify why, perhaps it is because of high staff turnover or insufficient training for new starters. The most effective and fastest way to address any skills gaps is with training. Our online health and safety training is available at the click of a button. Sign up employees for refresher training on key health and safety topics with our easy to use system. The training videos use an avatar to increase engagement and are in “bite-size” chunks making e-learning more flexible and accessible. Simple interactive multiple-choice quizzes help keep health and safety in the forefront of the learner’s minds and highlight to them and to you where the knowledge gaps are.