An introduction to legionella and legionnaires’ disease

There are more than 40 species of legionella pneumophila (LP). These species are further divided into serogroups and subgroups. 90% of these species are in Lp serogroup 1.

Conditions for legionella growth

Legionella is naturally occurring and widely found in water.It is difficult to cultivate the growth of legionella in the laboratory.

Legionella bacteria grow rapidly at 35°C in moist, slightly acidic (pH 6.9) conditions when ferric ions and amino acids are present as nutrients.

Precise laboratory procedures are required.

Legionnaires’ disease contraction

People contract legionnaires’ disease when they inhale contaminated droplets of water. These droplets may be the size of three microns or even smaller.

Susceptible groups who are most likely to contract legionnaires’ disease:

·        Smokers

People who frequently consume alcohol


People who take immunosuppressant drugs

People who have cancer, chronic respiratory disease or kidney disease

People aged over 45 years

Men are more susceptible than women with a ratio of (3:1).

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